How do I open the downloaded data files?

In the "Analytics" tab, you will be able to view your total number of entries and download a CSV file with your entrant data by exporting the reports. 

Registrations[Contests] - Displays the total number of registrations. The registered users have not necessarily uploaded an entry or voted for any entry.

Entries[Contests/Sweepstakes] - Displays the total number of "Valid Entries" into your contest. These do not include Prescreen Entries and Invalid Entries.

Votes[Contests] - Displays the total number of Votes. These include both "Love It" and "Leave It" votes.

Follow the instruction below to download and open the reports –

Under "Analytics" tab, select Page 1 under Download button beside ENTRIES / REGISTRATIONS. Note the location where the file is downloaded/saved to in your computer.

In Microsoft Excel -

  1. Open Microsoft Excel. From File menu select "Open".
  2. Select the downloaded file from the location that it was previously saved to and click Open. Make sure that All Files (*.*) is selected as the downloaded file is a csv file.

  3. Select "Delimited" in Text Import Wizard Step 1 and click Next.

  4. Select "Comma" under Delimiters and make sure " is selected in Text qualifier in Text Import Wizard Step 2 and click Next.

  5. Select "General" for Column data format in Text Import Wizard step 3 and click Finish.

  6. The data is exported into Microsoft Excel file. You can save the file.


In OpenOffice - 

  1. Right-click on the downloaded file, select "Open with" and click on OpenOffice.

  2. Select "Comma" option in "Separated by" under "Separator options" and click OK. Please make sure other check boxes under Separated by are unchecked and only "Comma" is selected.

  3. The file with all the data is opened.
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