How to use Twitter Sweepstakes

Twitter Sweepstakes is a great way to capture both the Facebook and Twitter audience through a single promotional app. The settings are the same as normal sweepstakes with some minor changes as outlined below.

Details tab - Entry Settings has been introduced, for detailed information click here. We have introduced Modern template, for more information click here.

Registration tab -


Under Entry Details you have Require @brand, Primary Hashtag*, Secondary Hashtag, Require Media and to Enter you have Entry Instructions* and Suggested Entry Tweet*.

  • Require @brand - Use Add Social Channel to add your Twitter profile. By default this is set to off.
    • Twitter Profile* - If this option is selected then it is mandatory for an entry to count, that it includes a Mention of this profile.
  • Primary Hashtag* - Mention a hashtag to be used for your promotion. It is mandatory for an entry to count, that it includes this Hashtag. It is recommended that a unique Hashtag is used.
  • Secondary Hashtag - First entries are checked for Primary hashtag and then secondary hashtag, if both are provided then the tweet is considered.
  • Require Media* -
    • No - This option would allow text, photo and video tweets to be accepted as valid.
    • Photo - This option would allow only photo tweets as valid all the other tweets are automatically made invalid.
    • Video - This option would allow only video tweets as valid all the other tweets are automatically made invalid.
    • Prescreen Tweets - This option when checked allows you to screen the tweets and approve the ones that you want to be displayed. You can screen the tweets under Moderate tab.
  • Entry Instructions* - Instructions should be a clear and concise call to action that includes advising users to include a Mention of the added twitter profile and inclusion of a Hashtag as mentioned in addition to any other requirements that might be part of your rules.
  • Suggested Entry Tweet* - Give an example to the users by a Suggested Tweet to make it easier for them. Make sure it meets the requirements that you defined above. This will be displayed in the Tweet box on the Sweepstakes Entry Page.

Design / Design & Preview tab –

Based on the template you choose you are displayed Design or Design & Preview Tab. For more information click here.

Publish tab –

You can tweet directly from the Post section to your twitter profile. Make sure that “This campaign complies with the Twitter Guidelines for Contests on Twitter and Twitter Rules” is checked.

You can also have Scheduled Tweets setup. Just type in the post, Schedule Date, Time and TimeZone, it would be posted at that time.

Moderation tab –

You can now screen the tweets and choose the ones that are to be displayed. 

  • Prescreen Entries - Tweets which follow the Rules and need to be prescreened if Prescreen is on.
  • Valid Entries - Valid tweets which follow rules when Prescreen is off and tweets which are Approved from Prescreen Entries when Prescreen is on.
  • Invalid Entries - Invalid tweets which do not follow rules when Prescreen is off, tweets which are Invalidated from Prescreen Entries when Prescreen is on and tweets received after the maximum Entry limit is reached.
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