Do you support Social Voting?

Yes. You can Enable Social Voting to allow users to vote using Twitter. 

Select Yes for Enable Social Voting in Voting Settings under Timeline & Voting tab.

  • Social Voting Type - Select whether #hashtag for the social voting via tweets will be generated automatically using a prefix & the entry id or assigned explicitly to entries from the moderation tab.
    • Auto-generate entry hashtags - Will allow you to set a prefix of vote hashtag to which the entry ID will be appended.
      • Vote Hashtag Prefix - The prefix to which entry ids will be appended to form the #hashtag with which users should tweet so that it will be consider as vote to that entry id. Example: '#IVoteFor1234' where 'IVoteFor' is the prefix and '1234' entry id.
    • Assign entry hashtags - Would allow you to assign a hashtag from Moderate section for the entries.


User will see a TWEET TO VOTE button for the entry to cast a social vote.


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