What is Custom CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation semantics (the look and formatting) of a document written in a mark-up language. Its most common application is to style web pages with elements such as the layout, colors, and fonts. 

Following are the list of things you CAN or CANNOT do with the custom css -

You CAN:

1. Navigation:

  • Replace navigation text with buttons
  • Change the text for these
  • Remove any of the links
  • Reposition these to show up on top of the header at a fixed position
  • "FB Share/Tweet" button that show up on top can be removed / repositioned / images modified.

2. Homepage:

  • Hide any of the copy on the page
  • Replace the entire page with an image and reposition the buttons at fixed locations on the page
  • Replace contest name / description / prizes or dates with images
  • Replace the buttons with different images

3. Register / Upload / Rules pages:

  • Replace the title with an image.
  • Replace the buttons with custom images
  • On the registration page, we can replace the rules text with a custom image or hide the TOS/PP text

4. View all entries:

  • Add different background color / border to the entry boxes
  • Style the "sort" bar in template 2 of the page:

E.g.: https://apps.facebook.com/sqafivecontest/viewallentries/A-REALLY-REALLY-REALLY-LONG-CONTEST-NAME-HOW-WILL-THIS-TURN-OUT

5. View & Vote:

We have 2 templates for this page.

Template 1: http://apps.facebook.com/sqatwocontest/showentry/test-publish-1/780387
Template 2: https://apps.facebook.com/sqafivecontest/showentry/A-REALLY-REALLY-REALLY-LONG-CONTEST-NAME-HOW-WILL-THIS-TURN-OUT/780386

  • Remove love it or leave it button
  • Use an image in place of the "share with your friends" text.
  • Remove any of the share logos
  • Remove "flag as inappropriate"

6. Confirmation page:

  • Customize the confirmation message to be campaign-specific.
  • Replace the title with an image
  • Replace/remove the text under the title with an image
  • Remove / reposition the share with friend’s module
  • Re-skin the module to use an image for the "share with your friends" title
  • Hide any of the share icons or replace them with different images


1. Change form labels

2. Combine pages (i.e. Submission and Register)

3. Insert videos into header or at any other place

4. Hide form elements

5. Insert buttons or links on any of the pages

6. Change the number of entries that show up on the view all entries page

7. Change thumbnail or image / video dimensions

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