How do I create a Contest?

Following is the process to create a Contest[Photo/Video] and publish it -

1. Log into, click on New Campaign or Create Campaign. Hover over the Photo Contest / Video Contest / Essay Contest and click on Create Campaign under New Campaign.

2. Enter the information as per your requirements under the Details, Timeline & Voting, Registration, Sharing and Design tabs. 

3. Make the payment and click on Publish button beside Facebook Page under the Channels in Publish tab. 

4. You would be asked to log into your Facebook account [if not already logged in] and list of Facebook pages that you have created would be displayed. 

5. Select the page to which you want to publish your Contest and click on Add. Now the Contest is published to your Facebook page. 

6. You can go to your Contest page by clicking on Go to your app icon publish-url.jpg available under Publish tab. Also, you can click on publish-info.jpgicon for detailed information on changing the Custom page tab name and for making Contest as your default landing tab.

Also, it is very simple to create your own Facebook page to publish your Contest. You can find the information at:

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