Make the most during Holiday Season using our Promotional Apps

Promotional Apps: Photo contest, Video contest, Sweepstakes, Trivia Sweepstakes, Twitter Sweepstakes

  • TRY FOR FREE: All the Apps are available for free setup, try creating the app, preview and then proceed to payment for publishing them.
  • Cross Platform: Use one campaign to capture Facebook and Twitter audience, can post to Google+ also.
  • Facebook Audience: Earn Facebook Likes by publishing to Facebook and enabling Like-gate in form of overlay or customize with a Like-Gate custom image.
  • Twitter Followers: Earn Twitter followers by creating Twitter Sweepstakes and enabling Follow-gate
  • Reward your fans: Offer referral incentives by creating Sweepstakes and Trivia Sweepstakes
  • Test your audience knowledge: Make your sweepstakes interesting by posing challenging questions with Trivia Sweepstakes
  • Customize your campaigns: Use Custom CSS and design your campaign as per your need.
  • Design Templates: Choose from 8 themes available and also can use custom header graphics.
  • Use it on Mobile: Campaigns that are Mobile-optimized and can be used on desktop as well
  • Use on your website: Campaigns that can be embed in your site using microsite version
  • Different Language: 14 different languages are available; choose any 1 to create your campaign.
  • Campaign Publisher: Post directly to Facebook or tweet to Twitter about your campaign from within the tool.
  • Scheduled Posts: Set up posts on specific Day, Time and according to a Time Zone.
  • Posts specific to Location and Language: Set up posts limited to Location or Language.
  • Google+:  Specify the posts to Public or your circles.
  • Video contests: Run a video contest to get maximum engagement from your audience.
  • Moderate Entries: Decide which entries would appear for your contest by screening them.
  • Entry Restrictions: Specify how many submissions can be made by the participants and in how many times per day or week.
  • Voting restrictions: Enable or disable voting. Specify how many votes can be cast based on user or entry and per day or week.
  • Hide the campaign: You can hide the campaign until it starts.
  • Customize Confirmation message: You can customize the message shown on conformation screen after the participant enters your campaign -
  • Custom Fields: Collect information that may be useful with a question and choice of answers in form of text box, drop down, radio buttons, check boxes and trivia [in case of trivia sweepstakes].
  • Photo contests: Run a photo contest to engage fans and inspire great content creation from your audience.
  • Campaign Analytics: Get Engagement and Traffic reports. Engagement gives information about the participants and information collected for campaign -, User data and Traffic gives information about the users and traffic to your campaign -
  • News Letter Subscriptions: Get your audience to choose your newsletters.
  • Promotional Graphics for multiple campaigns: Image to be used if there are listings of multiple campaigns or as the graphic for Posts about the campaign.
  • Editable entries: Title and Description in entries submitted by the participants are editable and also the entry can be rotated to Right or Left based on the requirement.
  • Downloadable Entries: The Photos or Videos uploaded for the contest are available for download.
  • Data Export: Can export the files with user data and entry information -
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