Conversation Manager

The Conversation Manager helps you to schedule and manage posts to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn through a universal inbox.

  • Manage multiple social channels
  • Target languages or locations
  • Post to multiple channels at once

All Posts –

The All Posts tab is your universal inbox of all social activity. It aggregates all posts made across the social channels you’ve added to the platform.

New Post – Allows you to create and schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Channel – Choose the channel to which you want to post. You can Add a Social Channel from here too.

When –

Now – Would publish the post immediately to the chosen channel.

Scheduled- You can set the post and leave it to be published at the given date and time with timezone specific.

Post – You can configure the text to be posted, choose which link is to be posted Facebook Link or Microsite App link, upload the thumbnail as per your requirement or choose not to show the thumbnail.

Options – Provides you to select the options for Facebook and Google+.

    Facebook Options –

        Location – Where the post should appear. Select Everywhere, By State / Province or By City.

    Google+ Options – Choose to who the post should appear from Public, My Circles, Extended Circles and Circles.

Click Submit.


Scheduled Posts –

Lists all the Scheduled posts.



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