How do I create Voting App?

To create Voting App, click on New Campaign or Create Campaign. Hover over Voting App and click on Create Campaign under New Campaign.

The process for creating a Voting App is almost the same as a standard contest with the addition of an Upload tab and modifications under Details, Registration and Design tab.

Photo and Video options are provided under Details tab based on the selection the app is configured for photo upload or video upload. You can select the language in which you want the Voting App to be displayed to the user from the available 12 languages.


Selection of Photo would create a Photo Voting App.


Selection of Video would create a Video Voting App.


Options under Timeline & Voting would be the same as regular contest, set the timezone, start date and end date under Timeline with option to display the app or not until the start date. You can choose to enable Voting under Vote Settings, this comes in handy when you wish to run the voting for a selected period of time during the campaign period. Example: Voting App is set to run for a week and voting is enabled only for first 3 days. You can choose to display the vote count to the user, also set the limit on the votes, based on settings like number of votes, per entry or voter, per day, week or contest.


The Registration tab provides 2 options under Eligibility, Like Request and Registration.


You can choose to have Like Request to request users to like your page before they can enter your campaign. For changes with respect to Like Request, please click here. Enabling Registration would provide you with the Standard Fields and Custom Fields that would help you collect the user information based on your requirement. You restrict the users based on their age, collect their personal details, provide them option to choose newsletter subscription, select the registration type as standalone or Fb connect or both. You can customize your registration form to collect more information by asking questions and allowing users to answer through text or selection.


The Upload Tab allows you to upload the entries either Photo or Video related to the setting under Details tab and save them to be displayed for voting to the end users. Note that you can upload 7 entries at a time, choose the files, provide Name and Description and click on Submit. After uploads are successful you can click on Next to proceed to the next tab or click “click here” to upload more entries, based on your requirement.


The Sharing tab is same as it is for regular campaigns. Configure the Facebook and Twitter Shares.


In Design tab, themes are retired and Header Background Image and Page Background are introduced giving you more opportunity to design your page as per your choice. You can design the page by selecting the colors and images as per your choice and Preview the design before proceeding with the change. Please note that CSS option is available only for $75/week and Annual Subscription plans.


The Publish tab remains the same as for regular campaigns. Select the channel and publish. You can Add Social Channel and post the information about your Voting App.


The Moderate tab will list the entries uploaded by you for reference and if you wish to make any changes like removing any entries uploaded or add back the entries invalidated in error.


The Analytics tab is same as regular contest, it would provide the information captured for your campaign.


User would be taken to the page where they are shown the images uploaded and provided with the option to vote along with Details and Rules for the campaign.


Details link would show the details of the campaign.


Rules link would display the rules laid out for the campaign.


Clicking the VOTE button would ask you to register as you have set it up while creating the campaign. It would show the stand alone registration and would provide FB connect option as well as per the setting during the creation of campaign.


After entering the initial details user is are taken to the next page where in Registration tab details are requested.


After entering the details the user vote is recorded.


Votes and Sharing options would be displayed when you select the entry.



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