The New Design Editor for Sweepstakes

We have launched the new Design Editor for Sweepstakes, Viral Sweepstakes, Trivia Sweepstakes, Viral Trivia Sweepstakes, Instant Win Sweepstakes and Signup Forms. Using this new feature, you can change all of the campaign settings within the editor in a user friendly approach.

Note: We here at Votigo are constantly trying to improve our templates, and, as such, these overviews are subject to change. The classic template is depreciated and it is no longer available to create new Sweepstakes and sign up forms, but the existing Sweeps and sign up forms created on classic template will work as it is.


Template selection can be done from Details tab, once a template is chosen,  users will be landed on new design editor where you have the flexibility to change each and every element of the campaign

You can always come out of the editor by clicking either on Back or Continue buttons which are located at the top navigation of editor.  Back button will take you to the Details tab of campaign whereas Continue button will land you in the Publish tab of campaign.

The Phase toggle in the editor header allows you to edit the page for the Active and Ended phases of campaign. Select the desired phase to make the edits. All options are editable in the Active Phase. In the Ended phase - campaign dates, campaign settings, header, description and confirmation message text are editable.



Note: Make sure to click on “Save” button after making any change in the editor.

Dates Editor:


By clicking Edit Dates link you can launch the date editor, where you can change the start and end dates of campaign along with the timezone and also hide your campaign until the start date by clicking on “Hide the campaign until the Start Date/Time” flag.

Theme Editor:


Change link in the “Theme” section will launch the theme editor, where you can select one of the six beautiful Votigo templates. Please note any custom color or background selections that you’ve made earlier will be lost after a new theme change.


Each theme is bundled with various free background images, click on the change link to choose one of the free background images; or modify the page and body background color. In addition to that you can also change the content background color.

Other options that can be controlled from the editor are: turn on/off the Campaign header, Campaign shares and two column layouts by using the toggle button located against each of the options.

For any advanced customizations, turn ON custom css, download the existing css file, make the updates and upload your revised css file back to the editor.

Pages Section:


The pages section enables you to make edits to all the available pages. This includes turning ON the landing page, adding media to the landing page, editing Sweeps form, updating the copy on the confirmation page, adding prizes copy (in the details section), and adding the rules.


Form Editor:


Clicking on the FORM link in the Pages Section will launch the campaign form.  Hover on the form and click on the edit icon to launch the new form builder. This allows you to add, remove and edit form elements.


From the edit form overlay, you can remove the existing standard fields and add new standard fields like Address, State etc. You can also add different custom questions (Text Field, Radio Group, Select and Checkbox Group) to the form. The form builder allows  you to rearrange the questions by dragging a question and dropping it in the desired location of the form.

You can also add help text and placeholder for each question by hovering on the question and clicking on pencil icon.

Click on Submit button to change the button text or upload a different image.

Campaign Settings Editor:


Click on Campaign Settings to launch the editor, this allows you to set Entry limits, set minimum age to enter the campaign and turning ON Facebook Like Request etc..


Campaign Preview:


You can view how your edited site will appear on various devices like Desktop, Tablet, Facebook and Mobile by clicking on Preview button, which is located at the top navigation of the editor.  Preview mode allows you to view both active and ended phases, if you would like to see the preview of ended phase, from the phase drop down, choose Ended option to preview the ended phase.

Please note campaign is not editable in the preview mode.

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