Release Summary - Feb. 28 2012

This release contains a number of new features and offerings as well as enhanced Account management features. Below is a high level summary of the updates.
  • New Account Management Features
    • You can now update your Name, password and email newsletter settings
    • We have enhanced the checkout process for purchases and you will no longer have to pay on the PayPal site and you will receive enhanced invoices
    • You will be able to see all future purchases list on your billing history (previous purchases will be available by logging into your PayPal account)
    • Easily upgrade/change between free and paid plans
  • Branded Apps for your Facebook Page for tactical marketing
    • These apps are available via a monthly subscription
    • Welcome Tab – A Welcome tab allows you to welcome users with a custom graphic that displays information about your product or company.  You only get one first impression. Make sure you send the right message with a customized tab.
    • Sign-up Form – The Email Sign-up form lets you collect contact information about users that you can later use to contact them to promote your products and services. 
    • Photo/Video Gallery – A gallery is a permanent community destination for users to upload photos or videos. Users can also view, comment on and share gallery images and videos. You may choose either a photo gallery or a video gallery. 
  • Free Welcome Tab for your Facebook Page 
  • New Pricing for Contests and Sweepstakes
    • We now offer our Promotional Apps at 3 pricing levels that vary based on features.  All pricing is weekly.
    • Basic Edition - includes publishing to Facebook, Microsite and mobile and also custom questions.
    • Standard Edition - Includes all of the Basic Edition features and adds in Like-Gating
    • Pro Edition - includes all of the Standard Edition features and adds in Custom CSS design.
  • New Promo Suite Subscription - Unlimited number of Pro Edition promotions and the Pro version of our Branded Apps. This package is available for a monthly subscription price and is for a single Brand or Facebook page.
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