New Referral Incentive

We have introduced a new Viral incentive option for both standard sweepstakes and trivia sweepstakes that allows users to receive an additional entry credit for each referred entry.

After you have submitted your entry, to earn an additional entry into the Sweepstakes, you may share the Sweepstakes on social media with friends. For each friend who subsequently enters the Sweepstakes through your link, you will receive one (1) additional entry into the Grand Prize random drawing ("refer-a-friend entry").

You can limit one (1) entry per person/email address per day. Also, you can limit one (1) refer-a-friend entry per person/email address per day. Collectively, entries and refer-a-friend entries will be referred to as "entry(ies)".

Currently, there is no limit to the number of referred entry credits that a user can receive.

This incentive option can be adapted to achieve the goals of your organization by using different values such as counting total entries, only credited entries or you could even create a special winning pool of people with x credits or greater or the most credits. All of these would need to be reflected in the Rules and comply with all governing laws. Votigo does not indemnify.


This Viral Sweepstakes can be selected from "Create New" as shown below.


Users can refer their friends upon completion of the registration using various channels as shown below.


They can also refer at any point of time by simply going to the Refer link as shown below.



Once the user enters the email address used for registration to the sweepstakes he would be taken to the same page as shown earlier, from where he can refer his friends.

This data is saved and made available under the Analytics tab. We have introduced a new graph to give an insight into the referral entries.

Credit – This data depicts additional points to the referral as the referred has come back and completed the registration.

Direct – This data depicts the direct entries into the sweepstakes.

Referral – This data depicts the entries into the sweepstakes through referral.


This data is also available in the Total Entrants report available for download as shown below.


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