Twitter Sweepstakes – December 2012

We have introduced Twitter Sweepstakes. Now you can develop Twitter and Facebook audiences using this sweepstakes.


Following is the summary of this sweepstakes -

  • All Themes are available for the Twitter Sweepstakes.
  • There is only one CSS file to edit since it is a responsive design that adapts to each device.
  • The design is responsive and will size to all screen sizes, including within an iFrame for embedding so that it can be adapted for use in a sidebar or anywhere on your website. 
    • Sweepstakes can be published to both Microsite AND to a Facebook app where users can enter their tweets. This allows you to engage both Twitter and Facebook communities with one promotion.
    • We support both Like Request and Follow-gate, you can develop both Twitter and Facebook audiences.
    • Participation requires a Hashtag.


    • Posting via promotions messenger is supported.  You can schedule posts to your social channels to promote your Twitter Sweepstakes.
    • Analytics - Engagement and Traffic analytics are available.
    • Available in 10 Languages.
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