Coupon App – August 2013

We are excited to announce the Coupon app launch. Our Coupon app is a simple way to give your customers offers that directly impact your sales. Like all our other apps Coupons are easy to set-up, customize, distribute, track, work great on mobile and can be published to Facebook or a microsite.

This app allows you to create three types of coupons:
1. Single Coupon Code – These are great for online coupons. For example, “Enter “SantaRules” at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase.”
2. Unique Coupon Codes – These allow you to distribute a unique coupon code to every user. This is great for limiting redemption and better tracking specific usage.
3. Offer Only – These don’t require a coupon code and allow for the widest distribution. An example is "By one Bagel, Get one FREE."

To create Coupon, select "Create New" from the Campaigns tab.  In Coupon App, click "Create."


Under Details tab you can mention Title, Sponsor Name, Description and set the Start and End dates with Time Zone.


The Coupon tab allows you to set up the app as per your requirement. You can set up Coupon Code, Expiration Date, Coupon Information and Entry Settings.

Coupon Code -

1. No Coupon Code – The promotion that does not need coupon code.

2. Single Coupon Code – You can choose a single coupon code to promote your business.

3. Unique Coupon Codes – You can upload a csv file [create an excel file and save with extension .csv] with codes listed in each line and they would be picked and assigned in a sequential order. Note that Maximum file size cannot exceed 3MB, supported format of the file .csv and maximum coupon codes that can be entered are 100,000.

Expiration Date –

1. Fixed Date – You can specify the date when the coupon will expire.

2. Variable Date – You can specify the number of days in which the vouchers expire after the issue date.

Coupon Information –

1. Create Coupon – You can design the Coupon with the information as Title, Description, terms and conditions in fine print and expiry date. You can also upload an image, else select “No Graphic.”

2. Upload Coupon Image – This would allow you to upload the already designed coupon image. Please note that this is available only for “No Coupon Code: Offer Only” option.

Entry Restrictions –

1. No restrictions – User can enter any number of times without any condition.

2. Restrict by email address – Email address is required to enter. User is restricted on number of times he enters by Entry Limit, condition of check would be email address.

3. Restrict by facebook id – Facebook authentication is required. Entry limit can be set.

4. Restrict by twitter profile – Twitter authentication is required.  You can set Entry limit, Follow-Gate and a Twitter profile.



There are no changes to Registration tab, Like-Gate can be set for Facebook and Microsite/Mobile users, eligibility  requirement in form of age can be set, required standard fields can be selected. You can also add custom questions based on the need.


Sharing tab helps you to customize the shared content of the users.


Design tab helps you to customize the look and feel of your app. You can Preview the same before publishing.


You can Publish your campaign under Publish tab to facebook and to Microsite/Mobile. Also, you can setup a scheduled post of your app.



Analytics tab would display the registrations, new fans and your app engagement details.



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