Video upload by choosing from YouTube - September 2013

Summary of updates.

Now you can upload the video in Video contest or Essay (Video) contest by choosing from YouTube. This feature would be available for the contests created on and after February 19, 2013. Now users can choose the video from their computer or from their Facebook account or from YouTube. They need to allow the Votigo publisher app to access the YouTube videos to be able to upload. If there are no videos in the users YouTube account then the error message “Sorry you have no uploaded videos” would be displayed to them when they choose the option “Choose from YouTube.” If the users want to upload the videos from their Google Plus business page they would have to link the page with the YouTube channel to be able to successfully upload them through YouTube. For more information refer to the links and


Note that the file size and file format limitations remain the same. For detailed information you can refer to our support article at

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