Pinterest Sweepstakes

Pinterest Sweepstakes are easy to enter and fun to win. Participants can pin your posts through Pinterest to a newly created board specified by you. Pinterest Sweepstakes are a great way increase followers on Pinterest and engage your customers.

To create your own Pinterest Sweepstakes, select "Create New" from the Campaigns tab.


The process for creating a Pinterest Sweepstakes is almost the same as a Standard Sweepstakes with the change under Registrations tab to enter the Pin details.

  • Your Pinterest Username* - Please provide your pinterest username eg: in, the username is votigo.
    • Fetch My Boards (Only first 49 boards will be fetched.) – This would fetch the Boards available for the username entered.
      Error message “There are no boards for the pinterest name provided. Please verify if correct pinterest name has been entered.” - Would appear if there are no boards available for the pinterest name entered.
  • Suggested Pin IDs* - Please provide the Pin IDs of the suggested pins users can repin to enter. To comply with Pinterest's Brand Guidelines you must allow users to add their own pins to enter.

Example: 260434790925528082 is the Pin ID for

Separate Pin IDs by commas.

New Board to be Created* - Enter the name of the Pinterest board users need to create and repin pins to.


Fetch My Boards – Would fetch the boards associated to your Pinterest username.



You can verify the pins selected as Select Pin would turn to Selected for the pins you chose.


The corresponding Pin number is populated automatically once a pin is selected and number of pins selected are displayed. If there is any issue in fetching the boards or pins then you can directly specify the pin number, for example 360710251374616652 [] separated by comma for multiple pins. Currently we are fetching 49 boards and 25 pins from each board, if the pin is in 50+ board or 26+ pin in a board then it may not be fetched.

You can specify the Board name users need to create while pinning the posts.


Pinterest Username is added as a mandatory field.

The entries are listed under Moderate tab. The participants who are following your brand and who are not are displayed. All the registrations are defaulted to Valid, you can choose to invalidate them as you choose.



The Registration report would list the Pinterest Username.



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