Design and Preview

We have launched the new Design Editor for Multi-Format Contest, Photo Contest, Video Contest, Essay Contest and Social Content Hub. 

Now you can design and make the changes to the user visible end app in user friendly approach.


 Click Launch Design Editor under Design & Preview while creating the contest or Social Content Hub. You would be taken to the Design Editor.

For Contest and Gallery -


Here you can change the Header, Share and Description, also turn them On or Off. You can download the css and make changes and upload the same. You can choose to turn off the specific features or keep them on. 

You can check the preview on each device by clicking on Mobile, Tablet, Facebook and Standard website in the task bar.

For Sweepstakes -

You can change the Theme.

You can change the Page background.

You can turn on the Two Column Layout.

You can turn on the Landing page and also Add Media to it.


Under Gallery you can Add Media, set Thumbnails, Background and Font colors.

You can turn Search / Media Filters ON/OFF. This option would allow users to search for a particular entry. Note that this option is not available for sweepstakes.


Thumbnail Layout - Choose the way you want to display the thumbnails of the entries.

* Dual – We can set size of the thumbnails displayed to 2 sizes.

* Solo – Single size thumbnails are displayed in gallery.


You can customize the background color, font color, link color, text color and button images under each category. Note that some of the options would not be available for sweepstakes.


You can choose to turn the Entry share ON / OFF. You can customize the overlay and Entry share information for Facebook and Twitter. Note that this option is not available for sweepstakes.




You can customize the information and overlay that appears in the registration page. Note that this option is not available for sweepstakes.



Confirmation page information and overlay can be customized from here. Note that this page is not applicable for Instagram Sweepstakes and Twitter Sweepstakes.



Details page information and overlay can be customized here.



Rules overlay can be customized from here.


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